Air Passengers

Monday, 26. October 2015

With memories of summer holidays beginning to fade, it’s time to start planning autumn city breaks. Before you go, download the ECC-Net: Travel App. Having the travel app equips you to assert your rights as a consumer before and during your trip.

Thursday, 4. June 2015

Staying "h'APP'y" in Europe with ECC-Net: Travel app

Friday, 22. May 2015

Updated 30/5/15 – The strikes have now been cancelled as new wage agreements have been signed.

It is quite likely that a considerable portion of the Icelandic work force will be on strike in late May and the beginning of June. The announced strikes are as follows:

Monday, 26. January 2015

The annual report for ECC-Iceland 2014 has been issued, but ECC-Iceland assists consumers having disputes with traders from other countries within the EEA. This means that consumers can seek assistance when having problems regarding on-line purchases or transactions made while on holiday in another EEA-country.

Wednesday, 2. July 2014

A new mobile application supporting European consumers when travelling abroad

Monday, 14. April 2014

Airport personals went on a work stoppage on April 8th and have announced further stoppage on April 23rd and April 25th. Furthermore they have announced a strike starting April 30th of this year.  If there would be a strike it is clear that it will have significant impact on international flights, including package holidays.

Monday, 7. April 2014

The European consumer network has received inquiries about the right of airline passengers if Icelandic airport personals go on the scheduled strike in April. Airport personals have announced a strike between 4 am and 9 am on the 8th, 23rd and 25th of April.

Friday, 7. June 2013

A Polish consumer flew with an Icelandic airline from Keflavík to Warsaw. On arrival in Warsaw his suitcase could not be found. He informed airport staff of this upon arrival. Nine days later he sent an e-mail to the airline claiming compensation for the suitcase. He was told the company was looking into the matter and asked to fill out a form stating all valuables in the suitcase.

Friday, 7. June 2013

A Swedish consumer received a gift certificate from an Icelandic airline. The validity date was given as 29th of April 2013. Another airline then took over the operations in October 2012. When the consumer tried to book a flight with that airline he got the information that the certificate was no longer valid and he could not use it to book his flight.

Wednesday, 9. November 2011

The volcanic ash crisis 2010 clearly shows - Air Passengers’ Rights need attention

On October 28th 2011, The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) launched the report “Air Passengers Rights Report 2011 – in the aftermath of the Volcanic Ash Crisis”. The report focuses on several aspects regarding air passengers’ rights in the EU today, in particular during 2010.