Car Rental

Monday, 26. October 2015

With memories of summer holidays beginning to fade, it’s time to start planning autumn city breaks. Before you go, download the ECC-Net: Travel App. Having the travel app equips you to assert your rights as a consumer before and during your trip.

Tuesday, 21. July 2015

It is the main tourism season in Iceland and so ECC-Iceland has been very busy these last few days answering queries from tourists who have had some problems relating to car rental. In many cases there have been, or the rental company claims there are, some damages to the rented vehicle.

Thursday, 4. June 2015

Staying "h'APP'y" in Europe with ECC-Net: Travel app

Monday, 26. January 2015

The annual report for ECC-Iceland 2014 has been issued, but ECC-Iceland assists consumers having disputes with traders from other countries within the EEA. This means that consumers can seek assistance when having problems regarding on-line purchases or transactions made while on holiday in another EEA-country.

Monday, 17. November 2014

A French consumer rented a car in Iceland during his travels here. Upon return the consumer along with a staff member of the car rental checked the car for damages and none were found. Two days later the car rental company however sent the consumer a letter stating that some damages had been found and that his credit card had been charged for 300 EUR.

Wednesday, 2. July 2014

A new mobile application supporting European consumers when travelling abroad

Monday, 16. June 2014

In recent years tourism has become one of Iceland´s main industries. Multiple car rentals have been established and many people rent a car while travelling in Iceland. Every year ECC-Iceland receives many cases regarding car rentals.

We have gathered some good advice for consumers concerning car rental.

Before ordering

Monday, 11. February 2013

A Spanish consumer rented a car for ten days, while he visited Iceland in September 2012. On the second day of the rental period the car broke down. The rental company refused to supply the consumer with another car but asked him to have the car repaired at a garage nearby, as they considered the repair needed to be minimum.

Thursday, 24. January 2013

An Icelandic consumer rented a car while traveling in Spain. After returning the car, the car rental withdrew 216 euro’s from his credit card account, because of alleged damages. The consumer asked for an explanation so he could charge his insurance company. No explanations came from the car rental so the consumer turned to ECC-Iceland for assistance.

Thursday, 15. November 2012

An Icelandic consumer rented a car in Germany last summer. When the car was returned an employee was present but no comments were made regarding any damages. Two months later the consumer however received a letter from the car rental company stating that he had caused some damages to the car‘s bumper and that 70.000 ISK had been charged to his credit card.