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Friday, 2. May 2014

The ECC-Net has issued a leaflet for the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil. Many football enthusiasts will travel to Brazil this summer to see the world cup, and therefore the ECC-Net decided to publish a leaflet where travellers can obtain basic information about travelling in Brazil.

Monday, 14. April 2014

Airport personals went on a work stoppage on April 8th and have announced further stoppage on April 23rd and April 25th. Furthermore they have announced a strike starting April 30th of this year.  If there would be a strike it is clear that it will have significant impact on international flights, including package holidays.

Monday, 7. April 2014

The European consumer network has received inquiries about the right of airline passengers if Icelandic airport personals go on the scheduled strike in April. Airport personals have announced a strike between 4 am and 9 am on the 8th, 23rd and 25th of April.

Tuesday, 11. March 2014

- a solution to get your money back when a trader does not respect your consumer rights.

The ECC-Net receives a great number of cross-border complaints from consumers each year having experienced that their rights have not been respected, mainly when shopping online.

Wednesday, 12. February 2014

The annual report for ECC-Iceland 2013 has been issued, but ECC-Iceland assists consumers in disputes with traders from other countries within the EEA. This means that consumers can seek assistance when having problems regarding purchases on-line or transactions made while on holiday in another EEA-country.