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Thursday, 11. July 2013

 Press Release from the Commission: From today new EU Rules are combating misleading information and putting safer cosmetics on EU shelves

Friday, 7. June 2013

A Polish consumer flew with an Icelandic airline from Keflavík to Warsaw. On arrival in Warsaw his suitcase could not be found. He informed airport staff of this upon arrival. Nine days later he sent an e-mail to the airline claiming compensation for the suitcase. He was told the company was looking into the matter and asked to fill out a form stating all valuables in the suitcase.

Friday, 7. June 2013

A Swedish consumer received a gift certificate from an Icelandic airline. The validity date was given as 29th of April 2013. Another airline then took over the operations in October 2012. When the consumer tried to book a flight with that airline he got the information that the certificate was no longer valid and he could not use it to book his flight.

Friday, 15. March 2013

ECC-Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have published a report entitled "Too good to be true? It probably is! - Unfair Commercial Practices and Unsolicited Goods" focusing on unsolicited goods, supposedly free of charge, sent to consumers. For many consumers it then turns out that the product isn´t free at all and somehow the consumer may have entered into some sort of subscription.

Wednesday, 20. February 2013

The 2012 Annual report for the ECC-Net has just been published and is accessible here: Annuar Report 2012 (PDF).  The report reveals that the European Consumer Centres helped over 72,000 consumers get a better grip on their rights.