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Monday, 11. February 2013

A Spanish consumer rented a car for ten days, while he visited Iceland in September 2012. On the second day of the rental period the car broke down. The rental company refused to supply the consumer with another car but asked him to have the car repaired at a garage nearby, as they considered the repair needed to be minimum.

Thursday, 24. January 2013

An Icelandic consumer rented a car while traveling in Spain. After returning the car, the car rental withdrew 216 euro’s from his credit card account, because of alleged damages. The consumer asked for an explanation so he could charge his insurance company. No explanations came from the car rental so the consumer turned to ECC-Iceland for assistance.

Tuesday, 15. January 2013

The annual report for ECC-Iceland 2012 has been issued, but ECC-Iceland assists consumer in disputes with traders from other countries within the EEA.

Friday, 21. December 2012


Brussels, 21 September 2012

Tuesday, 18. December 2012

 What changes will the new legislation bring?