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Friday, 7. December 2012

E-commerce : when purchasing games, books, videos or music on-line, look out for unfair terms, warns the EU

Friday, 16. November 2012

For the season 2012/2013 a survey concerning alpine ski resorts, cross-country skiing and indoor skiing has been carried out by the ECC-Net. The whole report can be accessed here.

Thursday, 15. November 2012

An Icelandic consumer rented a car in Germany last summer. When the car was returned an employee was present but no comments were made regarding any damages. Two months later the consumer however received a letter from the car rental company stating that he had caused some damages to the car‘s bumper and that 70.000 ISK had been charged to his credit card.

Wednesday, 24. October 2012

Consumers still face obstacles when shopping online Many Consumers still experience problems when shopping online; this is shown in a new report released by The European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net). For the last two years, more than half of the cases received by the ECC-Net, 31 000 complaints, concerned online purchases. The report can be accessed in English HERE (pdf)

Monday, 23. July 2012

Food waste is a big problem, but around one third of the food for human consumption is wasted globally (around 1.3 billion tons per year). This is bad for the environment, global food security and also consumers themselves, but a large portion of the waste occurs at consumer level.