Shopping online

Wednesday, 10. November 2010

The ECC believes there is reason to warn consumers about online ticket sale, which sells tickets to various events. ECC Iceland has received some complaints about Euroteam, and ECC Norway, where the company is based, has received 170 complaints this year and 70 complaints last year.

Monday, 31. May 2010

Most people who shop online have quite few issues. Furthermore you can usually avoid trouble with some precautionary measures and knowledge of your rights as a consumer. The following is some helpful information from ECC Iceland for those who intend to shop online.

Thursday, 22. October 2009

Today the Commission adopted a Communication on Cross-Border Business to Consumer e-Commerce in the EU. Also the results of a mystery shopping evaluation of cross-border e-commerce in the EU are now available (Iceland and Norway not included).

Tuesday, 10. March 2009

A report on cross-border e-commerce in the EU shows that cross border shopping through the Internet has not increased over the last two years. There are still many barriers in the internal market when it comes to shopping cross-border through the Internet. There are for example many legal issues to be considered as well as language barriers.

Thursday, 16. October 2008

EU Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva recently announced the results of two new EU wide surveys on retailers' and consumers' attitudes towards cross-border shopping. The figures show that even though e-commerce is taking off at national level, cross-border e-commerce is failing to keep pace.