Unfair Commercial Practices

Monday, 26. January 2015

The annual report for ECC-Iceland 2014 has been issued, but ECC-Iceland assists consumers having disputes with traders from other countries within the EEA. This means that consumers can seek assistance when having problems regarding on-line purchases or transactions made while on holiday in another EEA-country.

Wednesday, 3. September 2014

When apartments are leased there are often great interests at stake for both the tenant and the landlord. It is common for landlords to demand insurance before the beginning of the lease term and often there are large sums of money at stake, in the form of insurance or prepaid rental fee. In most cases the contracts are signed after the tenant has got to see the apartment.

Friday, 15. March 2013

ECC-Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have published a report entitled "Too good to be true? It probably is! - Unfair Commercial Practices and Unsolicited Goods" focusing on unsolicited goods, supposedly free of charge, sent to consumers. For many consumers it then turns out that the product isn´t free at all and somehow the consumer may have entered into some sort of subscription.

Wednesday, 10. November 2010

The ECC believes there is reason to warn consumers about online ticket sale euroteam.info, which sells tickets to various events. ECC Iceland has received some complaints about Euroteam, and ECC Norway, where the company is based, has received 170 complaints this year and 70 complaints last year.

Tuesday, 10. August 2010

A relatively small amount of fake products and copies are sold here in Iceland, but when going on holiday it is quite common that shopaholic tourists get offers to purchase incredibly cheap jewellery, leather goods or cosmetics. You can even get a large bottle of perfume for less than 10% of its price in duty free stores.

Tuesday, 15. December 2009

ECC Iceland has been contacted by Icelandic consumers who have had a bad experience after booking a hotel room through the Turkish company www.bookinhotels.com.

Thursday, 20. August 2009

ECC-Iceland receives a few complaints every year from companies that have registered with databases such as Euro Business Guide, European City Guide and World Business Guide, which appear to be scams. The companies receive a contract where they are asked to register – seemingly for free – to appear in the database and/or books/booklets.

Thursday, 8. May 2008

Every year ECC-Iceland receives several complaints from companies that have registered with Euro Business Guide or European City Guide. As the complainants are companies but not consumers the ECC can only give general advice.

Monday, 28. January 2008

ECC-Iceland gets a lot of information requests from people who claim to have won the lottery! That is they have received a announcement on e-mail, or via a text message to their mobile, about their winnings - which can be up to 1 million EUR or even more! However, people should be careful regarding these lotteries as generally they are illegal scams.